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Weeki is a deeptech startup that develops a Worktech / Edutech big data solution for collaborative virtual whiteboards in the cloud, to accelerate the development of mathematical models in artificial intelligence.

Key Features

Multi-platform and 100% online, the application centralizes scientific information in an intuitive,customizable and secure visual space on which you, experts, researchers and students can exchange and collaborate remotely. Get the space you need.

A new paradigm for researchers.

Our conviction is simple, scientific collaboration need to scale in a generalized, digital, more integrated model where it is possible to capitalize in the long term and in a fun way!

#e-science #worktech #edutech #cloud #cobotics #scientific_toolbox #modeling
Integrate, centralize, visualize information.

Mathematical equations, scientific articles, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence modules, URL links, MOOCS, pictures,... You can place different objects on an infinite canvas to create your scientific model.

#layered_information #scientific_maps #customization
Design, organize, collaborate in real time.

Express all your ideas and all your references on a visual, geometric structure directly on the board. Your ideas are like a landscape you can sketch!

#visual_collaboration #networks #multilevel #shape_of_science #hierarchy
Get help, catalyze.

The WEEKI team is there to take you even further. Services, consulting, take advantage of an ecosystem of experts at your disposal to accelerate your project.

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Scale, Capitalize in the long term.

Access the ability to capitalize on your work / that of your team over several years and enjoy exceptional productivity

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Share your work, get feedbacks.

Weeki is a place of exchange where you can synchronize in real time with all your teammates, unleash the information flow and gain efficiency.

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