Create MOOCs and reach thousands of students all over the world.

Accelerate learning and maximize economic benefits: Create, publish, and manage your branded MOOC, engage students, and track their progress with detailed analytics — your pathway to efficient and profitable education.

Empower your educational journey with essential tools.
#Knowledge mapping

Map all your resources
and create intuitive and effective training.

Centralize Pedagogical Assets

Creators can gather online, exchange, add their files, centralize information, and visualize it in real time.

Intuitive Exercises and Assessments

Explore our integrated assessments featuring quizzes and progress reports to easily track student advancement.

Accélérez votre reussite et celle de vos élèves

Join Weeki today to revolutionize your course creation process, boost student engagement, and elevate the learning experience.

Supercharge your courses production
Model faster and streamline your workflow

A productivity boost to deliver faster

With Weeki, effortlessly maneuver through complex projects. Seamlessly capitalize on long-term goals, storing millions of references on each board. Experience the ultimate platform for centralizing your scientific endeavors.

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Peaceful visual project management

Experience the clarity of organized mind maps with Weeki. Create lucid knowledge maps that crystallize ideas and open new horizons. Feel the soothing satisfaction of a seamlessly organized journey

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Gamification for team creativity

Embark on a journey of collaborative discovery with our science toolbox. Step into your playground of creativity, where gamification sparks motivation and pleasure, making creation both fun and rewarding.

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Safeguard long-term capitalization

Ensure your projects' security and longevity with our reliable storage. Never worry about data loss, stay confident with backups and exports, and capitalize on long-term strategies for serenity and confidence.

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With Weeki, you can:

: Create MOOCS with the course builder module.

: Create assessments and quizzes.

: Publish a custom-branded online training webpage.

: Send invitations / Manage students.

: Bill your participants.

: Track training hours and course completion.

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